Features Of EPIKGO Sport Self Balance Scooter

Light Weight

This self balancing scooter has been intended for each one of the individuals who cherish bearing their riggings. It weighs just 14kg making it highly convenient. The lightweight nature joins with its little size to guarantee an impeccable fit in your travel sack. In this manner, not at all like models that are overwhelming obligation and awkward to convey, this scooter will adjust to your way of life.

EPIKGO Sport Self Balancing Scooter

8.5 Inch Tires

This two-wheel vehicle accompanies 8.5 inches tires to offer a stunning smooth ride. The tires are particularly intended to bolster your weight and adapt to the speed on different landscapes. Additionally, the wheels are a standard size for both grown-ups and kids. Another flawless component about the wheels is side reinforcing that gives them the capacity to bolster different weights.

Driven lights

This scooter has LED lights that supplement its appearance for quality rides. This self balancing scooter might be all that you need to copy the celebs swag!

Water Resistance

Now and again, you need to proceed onward wet streets or travel when it’s sprinkling. All things considered, you will value the water resistance nature of this scooter. It’s intended for use in every climate condition.

18 to 20 Degrees Climbing

Dissimilar to scooter models that accompany just 15 degrees climbing, this epikgo sport self balancing scooter accompanies 18 to 20 degrees climbing. You will be able to quicken and handle sharp corners without falling.

Additionally, this degrees climbing permits you to make precarious and magnificent guided turns as you voyage the city or when driving. This model likewise features 0 degrees of corner, which permits you to go through little spaces and make sharp turns. This self balancing scooter reviews is intended for general client fulfillment.

Uncommon Technology

It accompanies a contemporary outline and extraordinary innovation. Most scooter models are extended an impersonation; be that as it may, this model is one of a kind and new!

It’s amazing innovation guarantees quality adjust. This scooter is anything but difficult to learn and inside only a couple of moment or seconds, you will take off. It has predominant sensors, which help you ride easily.

High-Density Battery

This self-balancing scooter accompanies an LG Smart Battery that offers a riding range of around 15 to 20 km. Consequently, in the event that you need to utilize this scooter for driving purposes, it will be exceptionally great. It’s likewise a perfect model for the individuals who need an answer for move around urban areas and towns.