FIFA 2014 – The Official Video Game

FIFA 2014 is the official video game for the world cup 2014 and is published by EA sports. This game is available in two modes – one is Road to the FIFA world cup that comprises of qualification rounds and the actual FIFA tournament. You can select one of the 203 national teams for picking the players to play this mode. The other mode is Road to Rio de Janeiro where player competes in online tournament at the 12 selected venues where FIFA 2014 is scheduled.

FIFA 2014 – The Official Video Game

Venues Selected for FIFA 2014 Game

The gaming environment comprises of the 12 selected venues where FIFA 2014 is scheduled to be held. Campo Grande, Belem, Brasilia, Cuiaba, Florianopolis, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, Salvador, Sao Paulo, Rio Branco, Manaus, Natal are some of the selected 12. The game also uses these locations as the gaming environment and makes use of every stadium that is slated to be the part of real event. This video game is the snapshot of what is going to be there at actual tournament.

Gameplay and The Team Members

This game has all the 203 national teams that were the part of the qualifying rounds of FIFA 2014. This game is based on role playing where the player is actually selecting one of the 203 teams in his favor and chooses the computer or the other team as opponent. The game is surely advancement over 2010 edition as it comprises of actions like dribbling and fast touch mechanics enjoyable over the gaming platforms like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game play also comprises of celebrations that fans make when any team wins and also during the exciting moments like scoring of a goal.

2014 edition has modes like Online FIFA world cup, captain your country and Story of the Finals that were the part of previous edition also.

Improvements from the Previous Edition

Expanded control scheme and extra dribbling is the improved feature in 2014 Edition. There is more animation scheme added to make the passes more believable and makes the game totally in control by a skilled player. Penalty kicks and headers meant for defending the goals are also included to bring noticeable improvement over 2010 Edition.
You will get updates on EA Sports Talk Radio and these are the actual recordings of what featured on ESPN football broadcast. Captain your Country is the mode repeated and is developed with more close to real approach.

Great Playing Tactics

FIFA 2014 allows the players to take better stride. You can select more refined position, suit better angle and can also play a rushed or off the balance shot. Thus, more purity is now achievable in shots. You get to experience the real physics related to ball with the help of projected trajectories, choose low strike for better aim and also blast dip or swing the shot giving any real player the challenge like real super player.

Better dribbling techniques allow you to decide the pace of the game and also help you create new pathways for the defenders. You can also take the advantage of team mate intelligence as there are various better as well as feasible, not thought before situations made available for better experience. So, you will find yourself enjoying smarter marking and better running techniques so that the ball can be repossessed in better thought of way.

Improved second chance is another enjoyable game tactic made available in FIFA 2014. Tackling space is extended so that the second chance can be well utilized for strengthening the position. Passes are made better with more precision as players can curl the ball around opponents too and have a leg up deftly.

Basic Game Specifications

This game can be played with 2 to 22 online players and 1 to 4 offline ones. Online mode is co-operative and multiplayer style involving 2 to 22 players. This game has the facility of content download and is provided with Leaderboards for better scoring. The sound style is Dolby Digital and you can find voice chat format for creating a live commentary sort of environment.

FIFA 2014 is made compatible to Xbox 360 and Playstation3; however, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are not rolled out as yet. The makers are tight-lipped about the availability of the game on platforms PS4 and Xobox One but they may come up with the updations while keeping the track of the popularity of the game.

Additional Entertaining Features

With this game, you will find the soundtracks such as ‘Let the Groove Get In’ by Justin Timberlake, ‘DNA’ by Wanessa Carmago, ‘As Mascaras’ by Caludia Liette and ‘Not Falling Apart’ by Maroon 5 and Tiesto. These soundtracks are very much capable of keeping the gamer in the spirit and add very beautiful rhythm to the game.

Apart from these soundtracks, you will have EA Sports Talk Radio where there will be game related voice-overs by Ian Derke, Michael Davies, Andy Goldstein and Roger Bennett.

Pricing and Availability

FIFA 2014 is priced at $59.99 while you can get the pre-owned edition also at some stores at discounted price of $54.99. The game can be ordered online and there will be no shipping charges. This game belongs to Sports, Soccer genre and is finding many takers at Amazon. Customers are also encouraged to place pre-orders for PS 4 and Xbox One versions also.

Various FIFA 14 games and their prices are:

  • FIFA 14 PS3 – USD 59.99
  • FIFA 14 PC download – USD 39.99
  • FIFA 14 Xbox 360 – USD 59.99
  • Pre-order price for PS 4 and Xbox One – USD 59.99

Innovative Features Making it Close to Real

Pro Instincts is decision making based on numerous frames per second. The player can make decisions four times faster than that allowed in previous editions.

Elite technique includes 1000 novel animations that are translated into interesting human responses and other skills. You can include 3 to 4 players in single frame making the vying for the football very interesting as well as close to the real. Improved control on headers is also attributed to this technique.

Living Worlds is the inclusion of crowd as the part of real action. 3D animation allows the player to get a view of cheering crowd and its celebration.