ICAN 1080001 Android Internet Tablet – Feature Savvy

While comparing gadgets with respect to price it is sure that the ICAN 1080001 Android Internet Tablet is no doubt expensive, but its features give the user with plenty of opportunities. One such mentionable feature is the HDMI output that enables the user to play movies and animations on a large screen. This seems as one is carrying such a wide media everywhere within the pocket.

ICAN 1080001 Android Internet Tablet

Furthermore, this feature can enable you to play your movies on TV as well that contain HDMI port. One thing more noticeable about ICAN 1080001 Android Internet Tablet is that it is not as fast and quick in its performance as other Android gadgets, but the internet feature makes it unique at its place. It provides ample browsing and downloading capabilities to the users.

Also, just by rooting this Tablet computer, you can increase its performance to a greater level. This portrayal is sufficient enough to compensate its overall functioning. It enables the users to keep in touch with all the online contacts.

How the Set Looks Like

The external look of the ICAN 1080001 Android Internet Tablet is the first impressing thing. The 10-inch screen is larger enough to make things appear quite clear on its screen. Thus you can even enjoy watching movies within some group too. Furthermore, its battery can save power as more as to last for some 2-hours long movie. While if you are intended to use internet only, then the battery would support it until 5 hours.

Moreover, it has a resistive touchscreen panel that is made up of many layers. This makes it more reliable and able to control single point at a time. The touchscreen panel is insulated with glass material so as to avoid electrostatic effects. You can find the ICAN 1080001 Android Internet Tablet with its warranty up to 12 months. On a closer look, the set seems nothing more than some thin Android tablet.


The ICAN 1080001 Android Internet Tablet set specifications include its Android 2.1 operating system. It contains USB port and a microphone as well. There is a card Reader along with a webcam too. The storage capacity is up to 16 GB. The memory if DDR2 type. The internal RAM is not more than 256 MB. The processor operates at the speed of 1 GHz. Other features include video and audio playbacks; photo viewing and eBook reading. There is Wi-Fi communication enabled too. The webcam resolution is up to 1.3 MP.

Set Performance

You can purchase the ICAN 1080001 Android Internet Tablet at $ 389.99. You can find its performance to be very decent. One thing about the set is that it might be unable to handle multiple windows at a time since it gets slow down. But it is best for simple web surfing like reading articles or browsing through some news article etc. The ICAN 1080001 Android Internet Tablet operates internet through its Wi-FI hotspot. The video playback in the set is great as it allows you to watch at such a big screen with a very loud volume. The charging time for the set takes almost 6 hours.